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Friday Forum // 3.11.2022

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PTO Exchange

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We love incentive trips. I mean… who doesn’t?
They’re more than just fun. It’s one of the most powerful experiences in an organization’s tool belt for performance and engagement.
Today’s incentive trips are changing though.
Connection is more important than ever. Trips require new levels of intention and design attuned to today’s attendees.
Here are some tips that we have assembled to make sure your incentive trip will move the needle! 

- Create inclusive KPIs for the incentive trip
- Market the incentive trip to increase engagement
- Make branded swag to increase the excitement
- Assign a point person to answer questions
- Create an itinerary that has bonding group activities
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According to MeetGreen, a 1,000 person 3-day event creates 12,699 pounds of waste.

A corporate event planning trend in 2023 that our team is noticing is an emphasis on sustainability. 
Here are ways to keep your event sustainable:

-Choosing venues and destinations that promote sustainability 
-Incorporating recycling into events 
-Reducing the use of single-use products 
-Giving out eco-friendly incentive gifts or swag bags 
-Working sustainable requirements into contracts 
What other sustainable practices have you seen in 2023?
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Team Bonding 101:

After a long day at work, take some time to play 😎.

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This is what it’s all about.

At the end of the day (or program), it’s the joy born from fearless collaboration and hard work with amazing people that makes you say...

“That was fun, let’s do it again,” and also, “why do I do this again?” at the same time.

Despite the many toils of the event prof life on site that run the tank down to ‘empty,’ there’s something about being in the toil together, running on pure adrenaline, and creating something impactful for others that brings about the post-event glow.

The journey can be just as sweet as the destination when you work with a team of solid, positive, and fun individuals. Enjoy the ride!

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Measuring event ROI can be tricky and sometimes feel abstract. 
How do you quantify connection and can you?
KPI’s are the first thing to identify when it comes to knowing whether or not you are achieving event goals.
Here are some KPI’s shared from one of our long-standing clients.
What are other event KPI’s and how do you assign an objective measure to it?
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Let's bury the hatchets for a second and honestly share with each other.
How do you measure your event ROI?
What are the indicators that you feel are the most important to look at and why?
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As corporate event planners/strategists, we have to consider the latest trends that are emerging in 2023. 
We put together a list of trends that range from sustainability, to the rise of hybrid events, VR, DEI, and creating wellness for attendees. 
Go to our bio to read more about these upcoming trends.

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Why should connection be a fixed goal in your Corporate Event Strategy?

Microsoft research recently showed that over 50% of hybrid and remote employees feel lonelier at work than when they were going into the office daily. Gone are the days when this connection happens organically around the water cooler—so how are employers and employees able to foster this connection?

Go to the link in our bio to read tips on how to create an event strategy that maximizes connection.

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Going to the beach is just what the doctor ordered when you realize that you've been on site for 7 days and haven't put your feet in the sand.

You may not remember the last email you needed to send, but you will remember we brought you to the beach for 7 glorious minutes to refresh and reboot.

Not your typical production team 😎

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So much goes into stage design from lighting, to size and proportions, sound, and the physical build out of it all to make the speakers, award winners, and entertainers on stage look flawless. Unbridled Production does it all. 

They work with artists to sketch out the initial design concept, create 3D renders, and organize the hands on deck to build out and completely transform ballrooms, arenas, and stadiums...and that’s just scratching the surface of their many services and offerings!

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Adding a show opener with motion graphics is just one of the many creative services we offer in planning and executing events. Enlist our family of brands with @unbridledmedia and @unbridledproduction for even more seamless and engaging content at your corporate event! ...

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A company is only as good as its team, so building connection with your company through internal events is important.

Go to our bio to read about the five reasons why you should host internal events for your employees.

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"The CSR activity was the absolute highlight of the trip. We did not expect to have so much interaction with the elephants. It will stay with me forever."

In addition to recognizing your employees through awards dinners, incentive programs should also be a memorable experience for your attendees that 'stays with them forever.'

Checkout this incentive trip case study to Thailand in full at the link in our bio!

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When was the last time you recognized the people in your company?

Awards nights are an indispensable and unforgettable night for so many of our clients' attendees, whether it be an internal event for their company or a luxury incentive trip for top performing employees.

No matter your budget, honoring your attendee base is something that all will profit from!

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Where is your company going in 2023??

Read our blog on the top incentive trip destinations in 2023—linked in our bio.


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